Catechism Classes

In catechism class, the youth of the church are taught about God and what he is doing for his covenant children.  The youth begin catechism instruction when they enter the sixth grade and receive instruction until they are ready to make a commitment to Christ.  Since the youth of the church attend Christian schools where they receive instruction in Bible knowledge, the catechism classes focus on the creeds of the church.  The Heidelberg Catechism, which was written in the time of the Great Reformation was intended for the instruction of the youth of the church and therefore is the basic creed that is used for instruction.  The children learn about the great need for a Saviour, since sin has entered into the world and destroyed our relationship with God.  Jesus Christ has come to restore that relationship through his sacrifice on the cross by which he paid for the sins of his people.  That is the basis for our joy and gives us the reason and motivation to serve the Lord with great thankfulness.  Once the children understand the great work Christ has done for them and desire in their heart to commit their whole life in the service of the Lord, they will publicly profess their faith before God and His church.