Bible Study

For God’s people to grow in faith and love for their Lord, it is necessary that they study the Word of God.  For that reason, Bible Study groups are important for the life of the church.  A study group meets on a regular basis in order to study a part of the scriptures or a topic that relates to the religious life of God’s people.  The purpose is to understand God’s ways in the past and how that impacts our relationship with God in the present.  The God who has acted in the past continues to act for the well-being of his people today.

As the members of the study group meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, they have opportunity to help each other better understand God’s Word and His will for us. This also gives a wonderful opportunity to encourage each other to face the struggles of life in the strength of the Lord. (Acts 17:11-12)

Women’s Society – Struggle & Triumph
Contact: Helene Nobel (905-796-6521)
Meeting every other Wednesday evening

Thursday Morning Bible Study – Around the Kitchen Table
Contact: Scarlett Guy (905-838-3698)
Meeting every other Thursday morning

Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study
Contact: Archie Bax (905-796-7760)
Meeting the third Saturday morning of every month

Youth Group – In Christ Alone
Contact: Belinda Olij (905-796-7616)
Meeting every other Sunday between services

HCH Senior’s Bible Study
Contact: Cor Tenhage (905-450-1109)
Meeting every other Monday morning

Adult Bible Study – Footsteps in Faith
Contacts: Peter & Elaine Olij (905-796-7616)
Meeting once a month on a Sunday between services

Young Adult Bible Study
Contact: Diane Da Silva (905-495-7647)
Meeting the last Sunday of every month between services